Pie Iron Tips

Here are some tips for cooking with pie irons.

  • Get a good fire going so it will burn down to lots of coals.
  • Preheat the pie iron in the fire before using.
  • Once the pie iron is preheated, it will be hot! So, be careful where you place it so you don't burn a plastic tablecloth or little fingers.
  • Use stick "butter" to grease each side of inside of the pie iron.
  • Place one slice of bread (can also use tortillas or pie crust, etc. ) in one side of the pie iron.
  • Build your pizza in one half of the pie iron.
  • Spreading pizza sauce with the back of the spoon works great.
  • When finished building the pizza, place another piece of bread on the top.
  • Close the pie iron together by leaving the filled half on the table, and hinging it by moving the empty side.
  • Squeeze together.
  • If they have little closing hooks, I don't use them in the cooking process as it makes it hard to check the doneness.
  • Place directly in coals of fire.
  • Check and turn often until desired doneness. Remember, you are really just warming up the inside and toasting the bread.
  • To remove take one side off and turn out pizza on a plate.
  • Besides making pie iron pizzas, you can also do dessert pizzas. Try cooking biscuits or rolls in them.
  • Enjoy!

New Theme for Next Year Picked

The adult volunteers met after camp to go over evaluations and to select a new theme for next year based upon girl suggestions. Next year’s theme will be: Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

A change in payment policy was also discussed to better serve girls on waiting lists. For next year, a non-refundable $25 deposit is required within 2 weeks of registration to reserve a spot. If payment is not received by that time, the camper will be moved to the waiting list. Final payments will be due on May 1st. This date will be adjusted if Virtual Program Credit is delayed for any reason. The committee feels that, with these changes, we can serve more girls and not have “ghosts” on our camp attendance rosters.

Don’t forget that is is not too soon to get started on a design for next year’s camp T-shirt and patch.

Camp went by so fast this year, I can’t wait to see Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

Conestoga Day Camp starts TOMORROW!!!

Here is what we need for Monday — we are swimming!!!

  •  a sack lunch (only drink needed is water bottle – sugary drinks attract bugs)
  •  bring your swimsuit and towel for swimming
  • you might want to include plastic bag for a wet suit

Some girls like to wear their swimsuits underneath their clothes in the morning.  After they swim, they will put back their clothes — if they do this, make sure they have packed their underwear!  🙂

What to Bring in a Small backpack or bag everyday!

Please mark each item with your camper’s name!!

  •   a refillable water bottle
  •    a mess kit OR a non-breakable plate, cup, fork and spoon
  •     a mesh bag with a drawstring to hang dishes on a line (lingerie bag from $ store works well)
  •     something to sit on (sit upon or bleacher cushion—chairs are too heavy to carry around)
  •  hat or bandana (girls will be given a bandana the first day of camp)
  • a rain coat or poncho (small emergency rain poncho from K-Mart or Target is just $1
  • sun block and bug spray (non-aerosol – everyone must have their own)


 Please dress your camper for the weather.  Layers are always appropriate.

Shoes should be closed toe and heel. NO SANDALS

T-shirts with short sleeve or longer – NO Tank/Halter/Tube TOPS

We’re in the woods, so long pants are advised, but shorts are OK.  It will be cooler than in direct sun most of the day as camp is amidst the shade trees.

Send rain gear every day.  No umbrella’s please.